Hi my friends,

I’m really sorry that i didn’t update my travel blog for while! Here we are after my travel on East cost with my best friend Thomas, the deal was to try to find some farm job around Cairns.

Unfortunately for me i didn’t get that chance till all backpackers was doing the same! I guess i was not enough fast to get a chance! Anyway, i decide to go back to Sydney and try to find a new job to save money! Yeeeaaaah i have to admit that this road trip was much more expensive that i was expected!

So back to Sydney, my first step is to find back my friend of my last houseshare! I missed them a lot and it’s such a pleasure to meet them again here! Takuya, Manaka (Imoto 1), Haruka (Imoto 2), my lovely crazy Yeony , Son chaaaaan…

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The main reason that i didn’t update this blog for those last month is mainly due to my two jobs! I didn’t get the chance to get a farm job, so i kind off resign for the second year! But there is so much new opportunities! Here i am with two jobs, one as a cashier in a french bakery and the other one as a runner/waiter in Tamarama beach! The aim is to save as much as possible money for my next road trip in this wonderful land that is Australia!

Since i back there, i live in another flat and met new incredible people from all around the world!


Anyway, i got two left article about the road trip on the East cost and will publish them ASAP!

Thanks for still following me!