Here we are my new adventure is about to start!! I am really exited on going back on the road and discover more about this lovely and surprising Australia.

I remember with my friend Thomas (my best friend with whom i travelled for 8 month for those who didn’t read the last article) that we talk a lot about the red center and how that part of Australia was a curious thing for us!

And i have to admit that i am really exited to start this trip alone! My first adventure by my own in this country!

Here the long way down to the south begin 🙂



So Alice Spring is a little city lost in the middle of the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia, and known as the third largest town in the NT of Australia.

The area is known as « Mparntwe » to the local aboriginal (the Arrernte), who have lived in the central australian desert. Almost 20% of the population there is aboriginal people.


The plane land in the end of the morning in Alice spring! Just out of the plane you can feel this heavy dry weather of the desert! 45 degrees… Here we are officially in the center of Australia!

Unfortunately for me i went there in summer and most of the restaurants, and shop are closed till it’s too hot and not that much tourist comes at this period of the year! Except some crazy European mostly (that’s what a lady told me lol). So i guess i’m part of those crazy people.

How is incredible to see those different color. The land is red, and surprisingly there is a lot of vegetation! Walking down the street and i  cross mostly aboriginal chilling in the park or drunk for some of them! I am really happy to finally be surrounded by aboriginal in a small town! I am really curious about learning more about their culture!

Aboriginal culture is incredible and really close to the nature. Unfortunately the colonial part destroy a bit their culture and to be forgiven, the australian government pay them! Most of the aboriginals use that money for alcohol, and stay in that « suffering slave idea ». But i guess it takes time to get over it! The aboriginal that i met are pretty friendly and proud of their culture and they were proud of sharing their knowledge. And honestly that’s incredible!

The city is really small but i decided to go up on the hill to see the view on the top of the city before heading back to the hostel!

So here some pictures of this:

After what i went back to the hostel and just wait for the day after to start my way down to the South…

Thanks for reading me and hopefully i will quickly put some more new article.