My way down to the south continue. And to be honest the landscape are starting to change. Down on the road we get lost in the desert surrounded by a huge Canyons and have to stop for one night on a camp site with a swimming pool! How lucky we are after 3days in that heat, we decided to jump straight away in the pool 🙂


Kings Canyons is located in the Northern Territory in the Watarrka National Park. Part of the gorge is a sacred Aboriginal site. A walk of almost 3hours is possible through the different landscape of the Canyon, surrounding the Kings creek gorge. Wildlife, red rock and water are evolving there in the middle of the desert!

Compare to Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyons is less famous and a few part of this place are forbidden to strangers. Some few ceremonies are done there and only aboriginal people are allowed to reach to those places!

After this long walk around Kings Canyons, we decided to head down to the south! And for the first time of my life i can be proud to say that i was in two regions at the same time.  In fact heading to the south of Australia means crossing the limit between the Northern Territory and South Australia…

After almost a day on the road, we finally reach a special city… Coober Pedy

*** COOBER PEDY – Opal city ***

Coober Pedy is mostly known to be the « opal capital of the world », due to the quantity  of precious opals that are mined there. Opal is a gem as diamond, or ruby. This town is also famous for it’s underground houses, called « dugout », which are built due the high temperature outside.

The term of « Coober Pedy » comes from the local Aboriginal term Kupa-piti, which literally means « boy’s waterhole » and explain the mining activity around.

This city is incredible, and worth to be seen at least once in a lifetime.

Now heading to the South and find back the civilisation and a proper link to real life. Let’s go to Adelaïde!!

Thanks for still following me